It's not every day a design studio gets to work with dragons. But when you have cutting-edge creative clients like Cartoon Network, really anything is possible.


Though entertainment media outlets are always looking for content they are also bomabrded with PR stating a show is going to be the next big hit. So how do you get the attention of media outlets in a fun and memorable way, tell the story of the TV show at the same time, and really prove your show is going to be a hit?


Media Kit

For DreamWorks/Cartoon Network's "How to Train Your Dragon" we designed a media kit box to house their PR materials, screener DVD, and a toy dragon. The oversized box was modeled after "The Book of Dragons," a key story element used by the show's main character to train his dragon and become a master dragon trainer.

In designing the interior of the box we worked with Dreamworks amazing artists who illustrated beautiful illuminated-manuscript-style dragons for us to create panels reminiscent of ancient texts.


To support the show's distinct look and visual elements, we developed an animated website using the book theme from the TV show and PR campaign. The cover opens when you enter the password, and pages flip like real book pages when you click on the website's tabs. The site included show descriptions, videos and downloadable art for media outlet use.


"Dragons: Riders of Berk" was a key franchise in the retrenching of Cartoon Network's brand strengths in competing against other youth-focused cable networks.

Our work on Cartoon Network's rebranding and their key "Dragons", "Star Wars Clone Wars", and "Adventure Time" franchises helped them become the go-to cable channel for boys 7-13.

How to Train Your Dragon box design
How to Train Your Dragon website design