Connecting with feelings is one of the best ways to engage an audience. One of the best tools for this today is using nostalgia. From a Frank Sinatra film festival to giving away Jiffy Pop at a tradeshow, putting a retro spin on modern products helps customers remember the "good old days" and builds trust with your brand.

Nostalgia & MARKETING

From Sinatra to Jiffy Pop

A recent study shows something marketers and business owners have believed all along. Nostalgia is not only persuasive in a marketing message, it actually makes customers willing to spend more.

That conclusion is part of a research paper published in the Journal of Consumer Science. It found that thinking of the ‘good old days’ can make a prospective customer more willing to part with money. By contrast, the study found people were less willing to spend money when thinking about the present or the future.


The Takeaway:

The takeaway from all of this, researchers say, is simple. Designing products and promotions that elicit feelings of nostalgia in targeted customers should encourage them to buy and spend more.