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The Finishing Touch: Unique Boxes & Slipcases

As the world becomes more digital, tactile real-world objects make a bigger impression. A unique box can amp-up any marketing promotion or presentation. Specialty packaging we've developed for our studio promotions has directly generated $65,000 in sales over the past three years with only an investment of $15,000 in design fees and production.

We've produced award-winning specialty packaging for products and promotions for some of the world's top brands. Our portfolio includes everything from hand-built and silkscreened wooden slipcases for sales presentations to large, commercial-run quantities of promotional DVD packaging sold at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.


  • Cartoon Network "How to Train Your Dragon" media kit.
  • Kimberly-Clarke Harley-Davidson Dealership Kleenex boxes.
  • Turner Classic Movies "The Essentials" DVD slipcase promotion.
  • Kids II hand-made presentation slipcases for specialty retail product partnerships.