Helping Non-Profits Thrive

By harnessing the power of design and technology, we help non-profits, NGOs, foundations, and advocacy groups reach audiences with rich, powerful messages. When your audience engages with these powerful messages it develops an emotional connection to your mission helping them achieve a better understanding of your goals.

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Sponsorship Brochure design

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

2019-2020 Sponsorship Opportunity Booklet

FPO text


Quality care For Children

Fundraising Videos

As a fundraising and PR tool, we produced and directed a video to be used online and at events. The goal was to educate audiences and create an emotional connection with possible donors.

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using omnichannel marketing

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Branding, Illustration, and Experience Design for the 2019 Festival

It was our second year to design the creative campaign for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Inspired by the large number of films from around the world that are presented during the festival, for 2019 we developed a vintage travel poster theme.

We redrew classic travel poster backgrounds dating as far back as the 1900s, then illustrated new film-related "characters" to occupy the landscape.



Event Promotions and SWAG

Over the past decade, people have become more aware of the need for fresh, unprocessed, sustainable, food sources. SlowFood is one of the world leaders in the movement. Founded by Carlos Petrini as a grassroots organization, it has grown to over 200 local chapters in the U.S. alone. We worked with the Atlanta Chapter creating collectible event posters, menus, cookbooks, and their website.

AJFF 2018 Marketing Campaign

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Branding and Experience Design for the 2018 Festival

It was both exciting and an honor to design the creative campaign for the 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Our biggest challenge was to communicate a large amount of information about the depth and diversity of the festival in an exciting format that would appeal to the existing AJFF audience as well as new audiences.

Inspired by vintage concert posters, especially those produced by the Globe Poster Company between the 1950s and 1980s, our solution allowed us to create complex, colorful, dynamic art that playfully demands attention and draws the viewer in. The nostalgic style also capitalizes on current design trends popular with 20-30-year-olds, as well as connecting with the 30+ markets familiar with the original look.

Becoming part of the visual fabric of a community is always something desired by artists and designers. But to have it be attached to such an amazing event gives it special meaning. Using the power of film to not only entertain, but to educate, create bridges, and open dialog across cultures makes the world a better place for everyone. Persuasion Bureau is proud to be part of this worthwhile vision of hope.



Annual Report

One of the more unique non-profits we've worked with is the Center for Puppetry Arts. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, it's an internationally renowned educational center, archive, and museum celebrating the art of puppetry. We designed a fun, yet serious, interactive annual report for donors and supporters, which included a volvelle on the cover highlighting puppets from their collection.



“Raices Latinas” Roots Music CD

Smithsonian Folkways, a branch of the Smithsonian Museum and Archives, is one of the largest repositories of historically important music in the Americas. Each year they publish several anthologies of roots music from their archives. We've designed packaging for several collections including "Raices Latinas" which features Latino roots music.



OCCUPY Digital Font & Online Distribution

To commemorate OCCUPY's fifth anniversary we worked with OCCUPY artists and leaders to digitize their signature font and develop a website where it is freely distributed.

Click here to visit the site.



Annual Report Website and Downloadable PDF

For six years, we've created both printed and online versions of the Quality Care for Children annual report to help support their mission of providing quality early education for Georgia children.



Branding and marketing materials for the documentary “A Powerful Noise”

Branding and Integrated Marketing for the documentary “A Powerful Noise”
For three years we worked closely with CARE on a worldwide marketing campaign for their movie "A Powerful Noise." We created the distinct branding along with the logo, website, advertising, education materials, DVD packaging, and movie titles.



Branding, Logo, Website and Marketing Materials

Cornerstones of Science uses libraries to connect people with science. By utilizing library resources like lecture rooms, onsite educational materials, and a checkout system, they provide convenient access to science education activities for the community.

Our expertise helped them go from ad hoc marketing and branding efforts, to a professional cohesive brand. As with all non-profits there were limited resources. But we made use of their internal technology to help them produce cost-effective marketing materials allowing them to focus other resources on printing and website development.



Annual Report & Lobby Display Infographics

For three years we've worked with the Shepherd Center Foundation designing and producing their annual report, as well as infographics to keep donors informed of yearly growth and patient success stories. Infographics are also reformatted into large, colorful lobby posters to educate Shepherd Center's visitors and guests about the critical services they provide.



Summer Camp Search Website

To help parents more efficiently find summer camps for their children, ALL-GA-KIDS hired us to create a searchable website for over 90% all of the quality-certified summer camps in Georgia. Parents can input camp types, like arts or sports, demographics, and distances from home to find nearby camps that meet their needs.


Georgia Solar Energy Association

Let the Sun Shine In

As the demand for clean energy alternatives grow, so does the interest in solar power. Small organizations that were mainly the focus of engineers are now the interest of the public at large. Marketing efforts like logos designed in CAD programs and brochures produced in MS Word no longer make the grade with the public that is used to a higher degree of professional branding. To help GA Solar more professionally communicate with their new audiences, we were hired to rebrand the organization from the ground up. The project included a new logo, a branding style guide, PowerPoint and email templates, website consultation, and promotional materials to kick off their new look and vision.