Brand Identity Systems

Customers have an opinion about your company or product long before they step into your office or store, even before they start doing the research about it online. Most of the impression is gained just by looking at your campaign — actually just by glancing at it.

Business Letterhead

Shoemakers' Warehouse


Shoemakers' Warehouse is located in a repurposed loft-style warehouse in a residential area. Their CEO wanted something eclectic and fun for their brand, something that visually connected to the vintage-industrial architecture, and something that would set her apart from big-box shoe discount retailers.

She loved the retro-vintage aesthetic, and we felt we could meet all of her goals in that style.

We developed a complete branding system including award-winning advertising and posters.

Unique branding stands out from competition

The Retro Techs

Identity Systems

As technology made the IT industry more and more impersonal, the RetroTechs gained a reputation for old-school, top-quality customer service, combined with brilliant technicians.

Their specialty was Apple IT support for the creative industry and wanted a branding identity system that would resonate with their audience.

Being one of their customers and masters of the retro style, they didn't have far to look.

The importance of branding-

Superman Style Guide

Your Brand Tells Your Story

Over the years DC Comic's Superman Brand had drifted away from its roots. Style guides had become small 3-panel brochures with a DVD. The iconic brand had lost its connection with its past and lacked a clear vision of the future.

DC Comics wondered if there was a way to bridge that span. They were relaunching a new version of the superman character art and approched us to see if we could connect the new with the old.

If your brand has a story, and a big part of it is a newspaper, why not combine the two? That's what we did. The design of a newspaper also allowed for a blending of styles that easily incorporated both traditional and modern.