Geek & Pop Culture

The customers have an opinion about your company or product long before they step into your office or store, even before they start doing the research about it online. Most of the impression is gained just by looking at your campaign — actually just by glancing at it.



We Can Help You Put Some Pop in Pop-Culture

Imagine a place where you can directly connect with your brand enthusiasts and fandom. Welcome to the world of Pop-Culture Marketing. Events like Comic-Con and online forums and websites devoted to fandom are places where you can directly connect with influencers and your brand's core fanbase. In fact, many retail, entertainment, gaming, and media outlets today have made events and places like these essential parts for everything from brand activation, to customer appreciation, to trend research.

At Persuasion Bureau, we share these consumers' passions for pop and geek culture because we are part of it too. And don't worry, this isn't our first rodeo. We've worked with companies like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, and Adult Swim to design everything from consumer products to B2B marketing materials that engage with audiences to passionately and authentically tell a brand's story.

Today there are thousands of pop-culture fan conventions across the US for every genre of entertainment. Two of the largest are Comic-Con International SanDiego which has over 130,000 ticketed attendees, and New York Comic-Con/AnimeFest which has over 250,000 ticket attendees, to get a sense of audience size.