Since the introduction of cost-effective color lithography in the 1880s, posters have been a creative staple for artists and designers. It's a place where art and messages combine in a strong, simple visual format, which is the essence of design.

Poster Design


Getting Back to Our Roots

As part of Persuasion Bureau Print Lab, we create posters to play with new design ideas, explore visual content syles, experiment with vintage printing presses and test new printing technologies. We work with letterpress, silkscreen and digital technology to print on unconventional substrates like corrugated cardboard, distressed wood, and sheet metal. And we love sharing our work. Sign up for our mailing list and we'll keep you up to date about interesting printing projects and how to get copies of our work.


Poster List:

AIGA Poster Show

Fiji Mermaid Sideshow Booth

BAD Studio Poster Show

Amanda Palmer "Astronaut"

BAD X-acto Cut

BAD Robot

Criminal Records

Aurora Coffee

Shoemakers' Warehouse

Laughing Matters Improv Comedy

AIGA Bingo Night

Wax-n-Facts Records

Turner Classic Movies Holiday Promo

The Artifice Club Pub Crawl

The Artifice Club Grimm Gear Gala

Turner Classic Movies Cruise

Slow Food Atlanta Family Dinner

Cherry Coke Point Of Purchase


Slow Food Atlanta Spring Supper


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