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Not long ago digital media marketing was a way to get ahead of your competition. But since digital is now a cluttered playing field, consumers find it annoying less memorable. A 2018 study by FedEx has shown that consumers, even Millenials, find print more engaging than most online marketing. And 80% of business owners have said print was an important way to stand out from the competition. Suddenly what's old is new again. Go figure.


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Design for Print

"Print is dead!" Or at least that's what people have said over the past few years. Radio, television, desktop computers, and the internet have all impacted print, but it has evolved with the introduction of each medium. So have we. And we’re experts in it how print fits with today's connected world.

Today print still maintains an independent voice in certain areas, but it also works as a complement for other forms of media. We understand how both work. From individually designed and printed projects like annual reports, to complete integrated marketing campaigns, we use our expertise to come up with the best solution for your brand.


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