The customers have an opinion about your company or product long before they step into your office or store, even before they start doing the research about it online. Most of the impression is gained just by looking at your campaign — actually just by glancing at it.


Camp Flix

Building a Brand Starting with the Website

For Camp Flix, the initial scope of the project was a website refresh. Yet, their current UI was out of date and needed more than just an update.

94% of users leave a poorly designed website.
46.1% of people relate website design to the credibility of a company. (Apium Tech)
"94% of users leave a poorly design website before reading it"

From the start, we knew to create a website with a visual design that is fresh, yet professional was critical. The style also needed to be transferable marketing efforts such as online advertising, email marketing, newsletters, postcards, and posters. Furthermore, it needed to be both cool for kids to get excited about the camp, yet professional enough for parents to take it seriously.

To make the Camp Flix brand both fun and serious, we created a modular system of color blocks with black dividers combined with playful 1990s-style shapes and colors.

Our type choices follow similar design principles. Simple bold sans-serif fonts were chosen for impact and legibility. Despite the type being very bold, their round, open shapes used in light colors still creates a bright, friendly user experience.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Networks Saves Time and Money

With over 30 years of experience, we've seen PR & media kits evolve from simple typed press releases and logo sheets to over-the-top promotional items, to highly-interactive online tools. But one thing has always remained constant for us - great creative and pixel-perfect production. For Cartoon Network's PR site and online media kit, we expanded upon their initial concept art and branding designing and developing a custom-coded online tool where visitors from the media can access marketing materials and program content.


The Takeaway:

Migrating Cartoon Network from traditional printed and shipped media kits to a digital platform helped streamlined the show launch process, allowed easier access to assets for media outlets and saved thousands of dollars in printing and DVD production costs.


Adult Swim

Branding Insights

We've all tried to turn ourselves into a pickle to get out of family counseling, right? OK, maybe just Rick and me. But the next best thing to being a pickle is having a hand-made, life-sized (pickle-sized, actually), Pickle Rick action figure to take on all your inter-dimensional adventures.

To make this possible, we put together an animated website for your chance at the big (once again, pickle-sized, actually) prize. We love you too.


The Takeaway:

Email marketing featuring a special offer and linked landing page results in a 30% higher conversion rate compared to email only marketing. (MailChimp data)



Making Parents' Lives Easier

To help parents more efficiently find summer camps for their children, ALL-GA-KIDS hired us to design and create a searchable website for over 90% of the quality-certified summer camps in Georgia. Parents can input camp types like arts or sports, demographics, and location to find camps nearby that meet their needs.


The Takeaway:

At the time of its launch, ALL-GA-CAMPS was the first and only parameter searchable summer camp website in Georgia.



Helping Non-Profits Save Money and Resources

Though template-based website solutions may seem cost-effective, they often fail once you try to squeeze your branding into a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, many templates need to be modified so much, your website can end up having a higher cost in the end than custom-coded solutions. For Quality Care for Children, a non-profit focused on quality early education, resources are best spent on providing services for their users. Limited resources may make you think you have to make creative sacrifices that compromise your branding, but careful planning upfront can allow the creation of a flexible, modular system that reuses elements over several years, while still looking fresh. It's all about goals, planning, and being creative. We get it, and we can help.


The Takeaway:

Moving QCC to web-based annual reports saved the institution over $5,000 in printing costs per year.