Novelty + Fun = Engagement

Fun theory (it's a real thing, we didn't make it up) tells us that novelty makes things interesting and making something fun makes it feel good. When something is both novel and fun, it becomes intrinsically rewarding and we love doing it. What’s more, it can have a lasting effect, because when you do something fun you not only feel good about what you’re doing at the time, but afterwards you want to do it again. Fun can be mildly addictive which makes it powerful stuff.

We use this simple concept in design and marketing to make design that sticks. From designing promotional products to making props for TV shows we are as crafty on a keyboard as we are with a power saw. In fact, our founder is a dinosaur sculptor, but you'll need to ask him about that.

Adventure Time DVD packaging for fans

Cartoon Network

“Adventure Time” Promotional DVD Packaging

To reward the fandom and celebrate the success of Cartoon Network's hit show "Adventure Time" (plus sell some DVDs), Cartoon Network created a limited-edition DVD that included a fleece hat like what the show's protagonist wears. We worked on developing and producing the packaging as well as the DVD title screens.

"Make the customer the hero of your story." -- Ann Handley

Cool retro promotional products


Memorable Trade Show Give-Aways That Really Stand Out

Promotional products are ubiquitous at tradeshows, so to capture the attention of a visitor to introduce a new product you need something unique. We can help with that. We design one of a kind promotional products for brand activation that customers remember, save, and use.

In the tech industry, most companies go for the slick, clean approach used by companies like Google and Apple. But if you're a small startup with a limited marketing budget, it's tough to compete for attention with giants like that. For Glenayre's TV call screening and messaging, we created a fun, memorable retro-themed campaign based on past promises of how easy life will be in the future.

Award winning promotional products

Pontiff Power

Pope for a Day

When the pope visits the US who doesn't get a little giddy? We took a standard manilla envelope, silk-screened a mitre design on it, added an illustrated instruction sheet, and voila! Now you can join in the festivities in style.



Featured in over 10 design awards annuals and publications. It also won Best of Show at Show South.

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick website and giveaway

Rick and Morty

"Pickle Rick" Giveaway

We've all tried to turn ourselves into a pickle to get out of family counseling, right? OK, maybe just Rick and me. But the next best thing to being a pickle is having a hand-made, life-sized (pickle-sized, actually), Pickle Rick action figure to take on all your inter-dimensional adventures.

To make this possible, we put together an animated website for your chance at the big (once again, pickle-sized, actually) prize. We love you too.

"It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back." -- Seth Godin

Spook Show style Halloween client appreciation gift

Halloween Promotion

"Creepy Treats" Halloween Themed Customer Appreciation Gift

It may be the Tooth Fairy's least favorite holiday, but we love it. This year we sent out a retro candy sampler to our subscribers in a package designed inspired by old 1950s-1970s Spook Show posters.

"It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back." -- Seth Godin

West Side Story Anniversary Event

Turner Classic Movies

“West Side Story” 40th Anniversary Live: Design for Brand Activation

For brands interested in cutting through the noise in order to meaningfully engage with a target audience, live event experiences are a great alternative to digital.One of the most incredible events to be part of was Turner Classic Movies' live screening of West Side Story and a Q&A with many of the movies original actors for the movie's 40th anniversary. To work with Saul Bass' iconic poster art was both a challenge and inspiration. How do you take a master's art and expand upon it without mucking things up? The answer, tread lightly.

For brands interested in cutting through the noise in order to meaningfully engage with a target audience, live event experiences are a great alternative to digital.

PC&E Atlanta Client Appreciation party branding and design


Rockin' at Pigapalooza

For the past eight years, we've helped PC&E turn October into Rocktober. As a party to thank guests and vendors, each year has a fun and unique theme that can vary from Halloween to flying pigs. The one consistent thing that pulls it together each year is good food, good people and good music. And of course, great design.


Amazing custom View-Master portfolio


Retro View-Master 3D Portfolio

We selected seven of our best design projects and magically turned them into glorious 3D pictures. Then we boxed it up in a limited-edition letterpressed package with a View-Master viewer. Behold, it's old-school VR at its finest.

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The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory experiential design for events

Turner Classic Movies

Brand Activation and Family Fun

Brand loyalty, marketing partnerships, new audiences...oh my!

Brand loyalty has always been a strength for Turner Classic Movies and has helped them remain commercial-free for 25 years. But to remain competitive and commercial-free in the costly media and entertainment industry, engaging new audiences and developing cross-promotional partnerships is critical.

Combining the feel-good aspects of nostalgia and the power of fun, TCM took some of their beloved movies on the road for people to experience as a live event to achieve these goals.

We developed visual and experiential content for touring screening of The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Our creative solutions updated the tired look of marketing materials for these films and expanded the new visual style to advertising, product promotions, games, and contests.

If you have a classic, beloved, nostalgic brand, you may be sitting on a goldmine of marketing opportunities. We can help you reimagine existing content in innovative ways for everything from increasing sales to building stronger brand loyalty.

Cool dinosaur movie poster

Jurassic arts

Who Doesn’t Love Stop Motion Dinosaurs (and Cavewomen)?

We love campy old movies. We love dinosaurs. We love vintage movie posters. So when designing the Maker-Faire Atlanta booth for Jurassic Arts, we put this together for a little bit of fun. Based on the poster from Hammer Studios 1970 film "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth", we rebuilt the illustration and created a new title treatment for our version. It was just a one-off poster, but I was amazing how many people wanted to buy it.

Check out the trailer!


Did We Say We Love Dinosaurs?

For 2019 Dinosaur Day we put together a b-movie style clip to share on Instagram.  Of course, when you have a side-hustle selling limited-edition dinosaur model kits you sculpt and cast yourself, every day is "Dinosaur Day". Click on the TV to watch it!


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Award-winning design for Turner Classic Movies Film Noir festival

Turner Classic Movies

Summer has a Dark Side

What happens when you mix a shot Humphrey Bogart, a dash of Lauren Bacall, and a pinch of the great movie poster artist Saul Bass? It's a "Recipe for Trouble." The TCM "Summer of Darkness" was an on-air, summer-long film noir festival featuring the "darker side of human nature." Despite being a popular genre, selling something this dark could be poison for ratings. Our antidote, lighten the mood by developing a playful campaign inspired by many of the movies' pulpy characters and campy one-liners.

The campaign included a consumer ad campaign in newspapers and national magazines, movie theater trivia slides, on-air bumpers, and promotional items like refrigerator magnets, tote bags, and t-shirts for live film screenings in select cities.

Watch the bumper!