A hardboiled story of love, money, and design

Some projects we do for the love of it. They help us grow. They help us test new ideas. Often they are personal projects, but sometimes they are for clients who love design as much as we do. That is when some real magic can happen.

So if you want to see the stuff that makes us need to loosen our collar, scroll on.

Memory game


It's All Fun and Games!

We love sharing ideas and things we make for fun with clients. Our latest creation is based on the old children's game called Memory. But we added a mature twist to it. In our version your literally matching matches. Vintage matchbook cover illustrations to be more precise. We didn't stop there. Oh no. We even created an online version to play, produced real matchbooks with our designs, and printed custom t-shirts with matchbook cover inspired art.

It's all part of our exploring into the possibilities of gamification and what creative new ideas can be developed for it.

Click here to see six surprising gamification stats.

Award-winning poster design


A Passion for Posters

In the mid 19th century posters set the foundation for the principles of modern graphic design we still use today. Before radio and TV, they were the primary advertising medium. But you would think that posters would have finally died out with the advent of digital technology. But they are alive and well.

Look around today and you'll see posters used in mass transit adverting, movie theaters, classrooms, street advertising, and as decoration. They can be sized and placed in areas that modern forms of media can't access. They can be educational, commercial, or purely artistic.

As designers, we love creating posters.

Jurassic Arts

Limited-edition Model Kits and Retro Packaging

Scott Banks, the founder of Persuasion Bureau, loves prehistoric creatures. He is also an illustrator, designer, maker, and sculptor.

After finding an old dinosaur model kit that he had as a child while visiting a flea market, his passion was rekindled. The kit was missing a few pieces and needed some TLC, so he sculpted the parts needed out of epoxy. One thing led to another, and Jurassic Arts was born.

Today Jurassic Arts makes "garage-style" model kits cast in resin from the original sculpts of Scott Banks and several of his friends. Each model kit is a limited edition and shipped with an archival quality print of the box cover art.

Passion projects and side-hustles tend to be more "hands-on". Here I am silk-screening boxes and t-shirts for some of Jurassic Arts best customers.

Award-winning craft beer packaging

Wedding Brew

Love Potion No. 9

Sometimes small projects can be big winners. This project was designed for a wedding where the bride and groom brewed their own specialty beer at a local craft brewery. Even working within the limits of two-color printing and standard label materials to keep costs low, we created an international award-winning package design. Let us design your packaging to get the recognition your products deserve.

2019 Design Trend: The retro aesthetic of packaging design is more popular than ever, especially for food and drink products.

The power of landing pages

AIGA Atlanta

Lust for Landing Pages

Do you have a list for landing pages? If you do email marketing you should. Having a landing page with a special offer as part of an email marketing campaign can increase online conversions up to 30%. Our expertise in email marketing and promotions can help you make this happen.



Selected for exhibition and sale at AIGA Atlanta's 2019 Poster show.

The importance of visual content

Designer wedding

Written in the Stars

As a designer when you get married it's a chance to show off a little. For Scott Banks the owner of Persuasion Bureau it was an opportunity to share his passion for design on subjects he and his wife love - vintage style, classic films, and stargazing.


  • View-master invitation based on Georges Melies classic silent film "A Trip to the Moon"
  • A paper moon photo booth custom-built and painted by Scott Banks
  • Stargazing themed decor and favors

Our Adventures

Not Your Average Travel Journal

We love making shirts for the places we visit. It's like a DIY souvenir that captures a memory. We design and print limited quantities for who we traveled with or visited. Here are a few of our favorites.

The power of nostalgic design

What are friends for?

Doctor's Orders

A friend who is a doctor felt that writing recommendations on post-its or drug company note pads weren't taken as seriously as they should be by patients, so they came to us to get something a little different.

After brainstorming with her, we learned she wanted something that harkened back to when physicians had more time to spend with patients to develop a stronger relationship.

We designed the notepad to look like a vintage prescription pad. Both the client and her patients love it.


using omnichannel marketing

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Branding, Illustration, and Experience Design for the 2019 Festival

It was our second year to design the creative campaign for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Inspired by the large number of films from around the world that are presented during the festival, for 2019 we developed a vintage travel poster theme.

We redrew classic travel poster backgrounds dating as far back as the 1900s, then illustrated new film-related "characters" to occupy the landscape.

Spook Show style Halloween client appreciation gift

Persuasion Bureau

Annual Halloween Client Appreciation Gift

Pogo Pictures came to us with the challenge of creating a t-shirt to give to their clients that juxtaposed vintage style with modern sensibilities. A combination of hand-lettering and Victorian design elements did the trick!