Brand Activation & Experiential Marketing

The customers have an opinion about your company or product long before they step into your office or store, even before they start doing the research about it online. Most of the impression is gained just by looking at your campaign — actually just by glancing at it.



Memorable Trade Show Give-Aways That Stand Out

Promotional products are ubiquitous at tradeshows, so to capture the attention of a visitor to introduce a new product you need something unique. We can help with that. We design one of a kind promotional products for brand activation that customers remember, save, and use.

In the tech industry, most companies go for the slick, clean approach used by companies like Google and Apple. But if you're a small startup with a limited marketing budget, it's tough to compete for attention with giants like that. For Glenayre's TV call screening and messaging, we created a fun, memorable retro-themed campaign based on past promises of how easy life will be in the future.


Cartoon Network

Create Memorable Moments at Events

When you know where your potential customers are you can create a memorable interaction with your brand that makes them feel good and that feeling to your brand or product.

As part of the brand activation campaign for Cartoon Network's "Star Wars the Clone Wars" we created a photo booth backdrop used at pop culture events like Comic-Con for Star Wars fans to have their photo taken in front of.



In the Entertainment World, B2B Brand Activation Can't Afford to Be Boring

For more structured b2b brand activation events like TV upfronts, networks not only need cool SWAG but more traditional communication materials with strong content that can be referred to later be advertising decision makes. This stuff needs to be just as cool and memorable as the fun SWAG, but also should integrate the event's branding for consistency.

We've created upfront guides and media kits along with other promotional products, to help many networks launch their new seasons in fun, memorable ways.

The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory experiential design for events

Turner Classic Movies

Connecting Family Fun with Brand Activation to Grow Audiences

Brand loyalty, marketing partnerships, new audiences...oh my!

Brand loyalty with their existing audience has always been a strength for Turner Classic Movies and has helped them remain commercial-free for 25 years. But to remain competitive and commercial-free in the costly media and entertainment industry, engaging new audiences and developing cross-promotional partnerships is critical. A branded experiential event for families featuring a classic movie and cross-promotional with local cable companies was the way to expand brand awareness to new audiences.

Combining the feel-good aspects of nostalgia and the power of fun, TCM took some of their beloved movies on the road for people to experience as a live event to achieve these goals.

We developed visual and experiential content for touring screening of The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Our creative solutions updated the tired look of marketing materials for these films and expanded the new visual style to advertising, product promotions, games, and contests.

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