Email Marketing

Beautiful design in your email campaigns is extremely important. When Campaign Monitor, one of our favorite email marketing platforms, recently redesigned their blog subscribers email with better visual content, they got a 127% increase in click-throughs. We love design success stories like this one and we can help you achieve yours.


Adult Swim at Comic-con

More than Just a Selling

Email is for more than just selling. It can be a tool to build brand trust and loyalty by sharing useful information with your audience.

Over the last three years, we've helped Adult Swim's Comic-Con booth visitors and fans stay up to date with scheduled events with daily emails. We designed editable templates for Adult Swim event managers to be heroes and easily communicate any last-minute changes to their fans.


The Artifice Club

Visual Content is King

Without great visual content, your email campaigns will never reach their true potential. Great visual content connect emotionally with the audience and boosts open rates and conversions.

At Persuasion Bureau we're known for great design, like this steampunk newsletter, but our secret weapon is great digital production. We can seamlessly carry a brand visual character and story across print, digital, online, and mobile so it has a "native" feel in each platform.

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