Event Marketing

In today's sea of information directed at consumers, it can be difficult to capture customer's attention long enough to communicate the benefits of your brand. Wouldn't it be great then to have a one to one conversation with them where you could do this? That's exactly what events do. From brand activation to customer appreciation parties, events allow a customer to focus all their attention on your brand alone.

Event marketing done right

Turner Classic Movies

Celebrating West Side Story's 40th Anniversary

One of the most memorable events to be part of was TCM's live screening of West Side Story in Hollywood to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary. The event included a screening of the remastered film, as well as a Q&A with many of the movies original actors.

Working with Saul Bass' iconic poster art was both a challenge and inspiration. How do you take a master's art and expand upon it without mucking things up? The answer, tread lightly.


The original event in Los Angeles was so successful that a second one was produced for New York City.

The Wizard of Oz branding and marketing campaign design


“Wizard of Oz” Touring Events and Brand Activation

Brand loyalty, marketing partnerships, new audiences...oh my!

Brand loyalty with their existing audience has always been a strength for Turner Classic Movies and has helped them remain commercial-free for 25 years. But to remain competitive and commercial-free in the costly media and entertainment industry, engaging new audiences and developing cross-promotional partnerships is critical. A branded experiential event for families featuring a classic movie and cross-promotional with local cable companies was the way to expand brand awareness to new audiences.

Combining the feel-good aspects of nostalgia and the power of fun, TCM took some of their beloved movies on the road for people to experience as a live event to achieve these goals.

We developed visual and experiential content for touring screening of The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Our creative solutions updated the tired look of marketing materials for these films and expanded the new visual style to advertising, product promotions, games, and contests.

If you have a classic, beloved, nostalgic brand, you may be sitting on a goldmine of marketing opportunities. We can help you reimagine existing content in innovative ways for everything from increasing sales to building stronger brand loyalty.



Pgapalooza: A Rockin' Customer Appreciation Event

For the past ten years, we've helped PC&E turn October into Rocktober. As a party to thank guests and vendors, each year has a fun and unique theme that can vary from Halloween to flying pigs. The one consistent thing that pulls it together each year is good food, good people and good music. And of course, great design.

Effective event posters

Slow Food Atlanta

The Power of Posters

Not only do posters communicate the details of your event, but a well-designed poster also grabs attention, sets the tone, builds excitement, and instills a level of trust in potential attendees. Posters, both digital and printed, are cost-effective and have the ability to reach people in unique environments where people are thinking of "things to do" that other media can't.

Poster art is also an invaluable tool for social media and PR, where visual content generates almost 3 times the engagement over text alone.

Furthermore, well-designed posters, especially artistic ones, can add value to an event as a collectible item for attendees and be given away as a promotional item or be sold to generate an additional revenue stream.

For Slow Food Atlanta, we designed beautifully illustrated posters to be displayed in restaurants, greengrocers, and coffee shops, as well as limited-edition art prints to be sold and given away at an event.

Creative event invitations

Where to start

A Well-Designed Invitation is the Cornerstone of a Successful Event

A digital invitation to an event today is almost mandatory, so a printed invitation may seem like overkill. But using consistent, well-designed branding for both a digital and printed invitations increases the value of your event and reaches people through different marketing channels helping increase attendance. Further, adding a printed invitation for select members can add a level of exclusivity transforming an ordinary event into a premium event.

Well-designed invitations:

  • Set the tone for the event
  • They’re informative
  • They create anticipation
  • They’re memorable
Beautiful event invitation

At Persuasion Bureau we can create custom HTML invitations for almost all email marketing providers as well as craft memorable printed invitations to make your event even more appealing to invitees.