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2019 Atlanta jewish Film Festival

Branding, Design, Illustration for all Marketing and Event Materials

It was our second year to design the creative campaign for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Inspired by the large number of films from around the world that screen at the festival, for 2019 we developed a vintage travel poster theme.

We redrew classic travel poster backgrounds dating as far back as the 1900s, then illustrated new film-related "characters" to occupy the landscape.

AJFF 2018 Marketing Campaign

2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Branding and Design for all Marketing and Event Materials

It was both exciting and an honor to design the creative campaign for the 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Our biggest challenge was to communicate a large amount of information about the depth and diversity of the festival in an exciting format that would appeal to the existing AJFF audience as well as new audiences.

Inspired by vintage concert posters, especially those produced by the Globe Poster Company between the 1950s and 1980s, our solution allowed us to create complex, colorful, dynamic art that playfully demands attention and draws the viewer in. The nostalgic style also capitalizes on current design trends popular with 20-30 year olds, as well as connecting with the 30+ markets familiar with the original look.

Becoming part of the visual fabric of a community is always something desired by artists and designers. But to have it be attached to such an amazing event gives it special meaning. Using the power of film to not only entertain, but to educate, create bridges, and open dialog across cultures makes the world a better place for everyone. Persuasion Bureau is proud to be part of this worthwhile vision of hope.

West Side Story Anniversary Event

Turner Classic Movies

“West Side Story” 40th Anniversary Live: Event Marketing Materials, Site Graphics, and Collectibles

One of the most incredible events to be part of was Turner Classic Movies' live screening of West Side Story and a Q&A with many of the movies original actors for the movie's 40th anniversary. To work with Saul Bass' iconic poster art was both a challenge and inspiration. How do you take a master's art and expand upon it without mucking things up? The answer, tread lightly.

PC&E Atlanta Client Appreciation party branding and design


Rockin' at Pigapalooza

For the past eight years, we've helped PC&E turn October into Rocktober. As a party to thank guests and vendors, each year has a fun and unique theme that can vary from Halloween to flying pigs. The one consistent thing that pulls it together each year is good food, good people and good music. And of course, great design.

Amazing custom View-Master portfolio


Retro View-Master 3D Portfolio

We selected seven of our best design projects and magically turned them into glorious 3D pictures. Then we boxed it up in a limited-edition letterpressed package with a View-Master viewer. Behold, it's old-school VR at its finest.

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Vehicle Wraps

Beep! Beep! Taking the Show on the Road

From local IT companies to nationwide touring events, we've helped many of our clients hit the road in style. Not only do they look good, but they're also out there selling mile after mile. If it goes from point A to point B, we've got you covered. Literally.

Spook Show Poster style candy packaging


“Creepy Treats” Halloween Design Promotion

It may be the Tooth Fairy's least favorite holiday, but on the other hand, maybe it's her favorite. Either way, we love it. This year we sent out a retro candy sampler to our subscribers in a package designed inspired by old 1950s-1970s Spook Show posters.

Award-winning craft beer packaging

Beer Nuptuials

Love Potion No. 9

Sometimes small projects can be big winners. This project was designed for a wedding where the bride and groom brewed their own specialty beer at a local craft brewery. Even working within the limits of two-color printing and standard label materials to keep costs low, we created an international award-winning package design. Let us design your packaging to get the recognition your products deserve.

Award-winning specialty coffee packaging


A Buzz-worthy Specialty Coffee Product Line

Often when companies start owners produce all branding and artwork themselves. Or they use a patchwork of friends and freelancers to do it. But as their business grows, they find they need to more efficiently allocate resources and delegate responsibilities. This is when they usually turn to reliable design and branding professionals. We are a perfect fit for this next step. We are a small agency with both specialty product and big-brand marketing experience. We can take products and services to the next level and support them when they get there. We produce innovative and exciting solutions that speak to the ways customers define themselves. The Caffeinds packaging illustrates how we helped an independent coffee shop go from hand stamped and stickered bags to a retail-savvy brand sold in their store and online.

Oshkosh B'gosh clothing tag design

oshkosh b'gosh

Tags & Product Labeling

When Oshkosh B'gosh wanted us to design their new product labeling for their Heritage Collection, they came to the right place. We know how to capture the aesthetic of a time period yet still maintain a contemporary vibe. We immersed ourself in the history of the brand to bring their core values and unique heritage to a modern fashionable visual solution.

DVD Package Design

DVD Packaging

Binge Watching Made Easy

Over the past 10 years, we have designed over 50 DVD packages and their onscreen navigation. Designs include packaging for educational films and study materials, entertainment industry B2B marketing, and retail consumer entertainment. We've developed retail DVD packaging lines for popular TV shows, special edition box sets, as well as DVD packaging guidelines for TV serials. Many of our box sets and collectors editions have won both national and international design awards, and have been featured as examples of design excellence in books and publications worldwide.