Effectively managed brand logos can help companies to build stronger customer-brand commitment and thus allow a brand to improve its financial performance. (MIT Sloan)

A wel designed logo tells your brand story

Don't Blink!

Studies have shown that visual appeal can be assessed within about 50 milliseconds. That means if you don't make a good initial impression, starting with your logo, customers will move on to the product or the next website. After that, you'll have to work harder to earn their trust. That's why a professionally designed logo should be taken seriously as an investment in the success of your business, and not an afterthought.

It doesn't mean a good logo guarantees success, or a bad log means imminent failure. But in many industries, a logo is the ambassador of your brand that customers will form emotional opinions about as much as they do about your products.


A well-designed logo:

  • Grabs Attention
  • Makes a Strong First Impression
  • Is the Foundation of Your Brand Identity
  • Visual = Memorable
  • Separates You from the Competition
  • Fosters Brand Loyalty
  • Builds Trust Over Time