Promotional Products

Research shows 89 percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they received in the last two years. That's a big number. So if you have a brand activation event, need a customer appreciation gift, or want a unique prize to give away, our ideas and promotional products help your marketing efforts engage with your audience in both a memorable and meaningful way.

Sample Projects

Extending Your Brand

Promotional products get a bad rap. They are usually thought of as something like a mug or t-shirt with just a logo printed on it. And as simple as those are, they are actually effective.

But when promotional products are used as a strategically integral part of brand activation, a customer appreciation event, or a tradeshow giveaway, they become an extremely powerful tool for telling your brand story at the time they are given away and in the future.


When we create promotional products for clients our goals are:

  • Create an item that relates to the brand promise or brand story
  • It must have an emotional appeal
  • It must be something used, shared, or cherished after received
  • It must be of retail quality