Visual Content

Customers have an opinion about your company or product long before they step into your office or store, even before they start doing research about it online. Most of their impression is gained just by looking at your visual content — actually just by glancing at it.


2019 Dinosaur Day: Building Followers with Social Video

For 2019 Dinosaur Day we put together a b-movie style clip to share on Instagram.  Of course, when you have a side-hustle selling limited-edition dinosaur model kits you sculpt and cast yourself, every day is "Dinosaur Day".

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Online Animation

Engaging Visitors with Animated Gifs

For audience engagement in emails, social media, and online, motion graphics and short-form video are the most powerful tool that can be used in marketing. Even animating simple graphics and text pulls better numbers than static images.

We've created fun animated gifs for email campaigns and landing pages to drive customer engagement, generate click-throughs, and boost conversion rates that track better than industry standards.



Memory Game Reskin: Expanding Brand Activation Channels

For our own brand activation campaign to show the power of gamification, we produced both a physical and online memory game to share with potential customers. The online potion is a proof-of-concept of what can be done by reskinning a fun and addictive online.

Lo-fi Video

Video Does Not Have to be a Budget Buster

As a board member of the Oak Groove Festival, our studio was able to use our creative skills to produce a video for social media within a day and with no budget. Audiences of online and social media platforms are more forgiving of lo-fi production. They are more interested in innovative and entertaining content and rate it higher than production value as to whether they will watch it.


Illustration & Backgrounds

Original and Brandcentic Navigation Art for DVD & Streaming Content

Having a creative resource that can produce award-winning packaging design and carry it through to visual content used DVD navigation and streaming content all under one roof might seem like a unicorn. If it is, please excuse our horn and glorious mane.

Over the past 12 years, we've designed packaging for over 50 DVDs, plus original artwork for visual content used in disc navigation and online streaming.

If you need a resource that understands how to execute a brand across multiple platforms including print and digital. You're in the right place.


Email Marketing

More Opens and Conversions with Visual Content

Made you look! High-quality visual content used in email marketing will always boost a campaign's open rate versus text-only emails. Why? Because visual content grabs your attention more quickly and communicates 60,000 times faster than text alone (Microsoft). But not just any image will work. Using the wrong images can do more harm than good. Things like blurry photos or unrelated graphics negatively impact your brand's credibility.

We can help you navigate these waters and even build complete email campaigns and social media campaigns the help you outshine your competitors.